CCTV & IP Security Camera Solutions have been giving government entities across the country the tools to effectively monitor their facilities such as Police Departments, Correctional Facilities, Courthouses, Water Treatment Plants, Airports, Parking Garages, and much, much more! Virtual Surveillance has provided security camera and video surveillance solutions to numerous federal, state, and government agencies over the 10+ years of operation. We work hard fulfilling the needs of government agencies with innovative products and solutions.

From national security agencies like Homeland Security to the 50+ correctional facilities & law enforcement agencies that we have aided, we are the foremost experts government agencies turn to for cutting-edge equipment and outstanding service to fulfill all of their security needs. We value and respect the work of our local and federal government officials, and understand the importance of protecting the security of both government employees and citizens. We are proud to provide our county, state, and federal government with a full range of video surveillance and access control solutions.