Retail Video Solutions

Stop Theft, Reassure Customers, & Sharpen Security With Our Easy-to-Use Systems!

Boost Your Loss Prevention Keep an Eye on High-Risk Areas   Make Your Money Work For You
  • Catch Shoplifters Red Handed
  • Restricts Access to Stock Areas
  • Watches Your Store 24 Hours a Day
  • Eliminate Internal Theft
  • Warehouse & Shipping Areas
  • Parking Lots & Loading Docks
  • Checkout Counters
  • Store Entrances & Exits
  • Monitors Employee Shift Hours
  • Logs Product Arrival Times
  • Promotes a Safer Workplace
  • Tracks Customer Trends


Reduce shrinkage with network video
Theft and inventory shrinkage are obvious causes of lost profit and they are traditionally fought with surveillance systems. Spiritech’s video solutions take this fight to a whole new level. We can provide sharp, high-resolution images and integrate with your available systems to reveal shrink-related activities.

Detect cashier-related shrink with POS integration
Internal retail losses are mainly caused by employees manipulating the POS (Point of Sales) system.

Save valuable time
You no longer have to look through hours of video when analyzing shrink-related transactions. Instead, you are provided with detailed exception reports, where each transaction is linked with corresponding high-quality video. Real-time and historic information is only a few clicks away, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

With Spiritech’s network video, you quickly identify common mistakes, misunderstandings and innovative ways to manipulate the POS system. POS exception statistics from single or multiple stores make it easy to detect suspect patterns and behavior. This in turn enables you to continuously develop your staff training tools, and to ensure that you always stay one step ahead in preventing internal loss.

Prevent shop-lifting and theft
Installing surveillance cameras and informing your customers about it goes a long way in reducing theft. The giant leap though, comes with the introduction of network video.

You benefit from high quality video that facilitates positive identification. All data can be saved on a central server, enabling efficient investigation from any Internet-connected PC. It is also possible to integrate the network video system with your EAS system to ensure complete, high quality video coverage of all EAS incidents.

Ensure staff security and protect your assets
Reliable protection is not only important during lonely nights at a gas station or a 24-hour convenience store. It is as relevant in stores with large amounts of cash, high-value products or high-risk products, such as medicine and alcohol.

With Spiritech’s system, extra cameras are easily added to specific product sections or check-out areas. It also allows for remote storage of video images, ensuring that recordings are protected from intruders.

High-quality video is a great help when investigating crime. It is usable for police identification purposes and can be viewed hundreds of times without losing quality. Overall, it saves valuable time when it comes to proving that a crime has been committed.

Enhance surveillance efficiency with intelligent video
The use of intelligent cameras with motion detection and active tampering alarm helps to quickly detect suspect actions outside a store or inside a store after opening hours. Cameras automatically send images to your security guard’s phone or PDA, enabling the guard to assess whether action is required. This also saves time earlier wasted in responding to false alarms.